Cancer Hyperthermia Therapy

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In high temperatures, Hyperthermia selectively damage cells that are hypoxic and have low PH without normal cells. Hyperthermia has been shown to inhibit cellular repair mechanisms, induce heat-shock proteins, denature proteins, induce apoptosis, and inhibit angiogenesis.

Hyperthermia concurrent treatment


It facilitates the penetration of anti-cancer drugs into cancer cells and increases the penetration time within cancer cells to increase drug effects.

Chemical method

It accelerates the metabolism of normal cells, and causes hypoxia of tumor cells, increasing cell self-destruction and necrosis.

Relieve side effects

It relieves the pain of patients with a safe treatment that does not cause the general side effects of chemotherapy

Benefits of using EKSO :
Hyperthermia Treatment

EKSO high-frequency thermal therapy uses excellent high-frequency technology after a long period of effort and research to effectively TRANSMIT energy to the body, safely REACH and MAINTAIN the body tissues selected by the medical specialists.

Improvement in survival rates

This is a way to double survival rates, confirmed by U.S. SEER Cancer Center

Enhancement of patients immunity ​

Improve the quality of life by enhancing the immunity of individual patients as well as cancer treatment

Exceptional stability

With the automatic temperature and cooling system, Complementing the shortcomings of the principle of generating heat in deep tissue in the body

Cancer treatment of various parts

Efficiently treat most solid cancers with high-frequency technology that frees emissions and controls

Maximize treatment effectiveness​

It can be used together with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which can lead to faster symptoms of improvement.

Safe treatment method without no side effect and complications​

This method does not cause side effects of common cancer treatments such as less appetite, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Applicable patients and Method of treatment

step 1

Preparation Of A Treatment Schedule Based On Examination Results

step 2

Consultation With A Specialist

step 3

Implementation Of Hyperthermia Treatment

step 4

Establishment Of A Future Treatment Plan Based On Patient Conditions

We find a solution in the temperature

“I had the metal in my teeth removed as you had recommended.  I did that at Christmas and you were right, immediately my immune system starting kicking in and I started winning my battle against cancer…”